Why You Should Bring Your Kids To Javea



Why You Should Bring Your Kids To Javea

Why You Should Bring Your Kids To Javea

Why You Should Bring Your Little Ones To Javea


Spain – The Best Kept Secret Of All


In England and other northern countries such as Germany, there is a common misconception regarding the Spanish people which goes something like this – a bunch of lazy people who have no work ethic, spend 3-hour lunches and are living off the hard work of the hard-working northern population who, especially in what is left of the EU, are subsidizing these work-shy delinquents.

In Spain, the Spanish are laughing so hard they are almost falling out of their sun loungers.

The fact is that in Spain, or at least in the Javea area, the Spanish are more interested in living their life than spending most their days in the hamster wheel of commuting and working. They must, occasionally, whilst enjoying a meal with their family, pause between their next course of Tapas, and wonder what on earth those English maniacs are doing running around their cramped, tiny and cold island, working ridiculous hours, never seeing their families and never actually getting to experience the best parts of living including their friends and, most importantly their family.


The Importance Of Family In Spain


family in spain

In Spain,  the family is  of utmost importance. Experience is better when it is shared with other family members who are included in most things. Go to a restaurant and it is not unusual to find a much larger proportion of children in attendance and, unlike England, their presence is much less likely to be resented and will more likely than not be celebrated.

importance of family in Spain

Go to a beach or even just walk down a road and you will likely as not find a well set up children’s play area nearby.  The kids themselves may seem a little wild at first until you realise that, in fact, they are just more liberated and less constrained than their more northern peers.


How Your Children Will Adapt To Javea


When we first moved here, we obviously worried about how the children would cope with the new environment but really we should not have worried. The fact is that they are flourishing like never before .





It’s simply so easy to forget how much time has to be spent indoors in England simply because it is too wet or cold or both to go outside. In Spain, the kids can spend their time after school by the pool or the beach and this is just much better than being huddled together in front of the TV

Our children have been so much happier since we moved to Spain and I am certain that if you are willing to make the move than yours will as well. They will be more accepted, healthier and happier and I hope that this site will give you lots of ideas of all of the great places that you can take your children around the Javea area.